On Top of the Pyramids pic.twitter.com/98jucfnVWv

New Platform Leverages Infrastructure to Create, Rent, Sell 3D Content goo.gl/6zCkjK

Dnes Slavnost Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. Významný křesťanský "zasvěcený" svátek od 7. století. Častá inspirace nejen středověkých malířů. pic.twipic.twipic.twipic.twitter.com/QQ1Plr77bC

This idea is even more important when you - what we say to has a lasting effect! pic.twitter.com/a2OUKQ6fOF

Colour Photos of the United States In The Early 20th Century by the National Geographic Magazine (24 photos) buff.ly/2vE0ykF pic.twitter.com/aiaF7wHYHm

@Xerox We must shift our mindset to "zero trust" in cyber. Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and call

China voiced "grave concern" over Trump's move of investigating China's policies. ow.ly/axLW30eqptc pic.twitter.com/E1blm1jTrX

Ermita de San Saturio Soria, España pic.twitter.com/VC57k0uYZg

Kašlu na špatný filmy. Dnes večer chci zas nějakej kvalitní. Musím si doplnit vzdělání. Koho, poraďte?

Conspiracy Theory: a weaponized term used against an individual or group who call government clandestine programs/activities into question.

.@CRCalabrese: “Efforts to create backdoors in encrypted systems are going to weaken for everybody:" the-parallax.com/2017/08/14/int…

Říkám to furt – do polských Tater může vyrazit v sezóně jen totální masochista. Stát 2 hoďky ve frontě pod Giewontem… mě poser! pic.twitter.com/xrANoG7HFf

Talking about toxicity in , @jgarzik is extremely salty that @Blockstream managed to pull the satellite project off while his failed

Děkuji @JaroslavKmenta za návod. Budu se jím řídit. Ovšem tím obrázkem na závěr, tím jste to vyšperkoval. 🤣 m.facebook.com/notes/jaroslav…C …pic.twitter.com/8UJHCLZ28bb

Theft accused arrested; RS.9 lakh in cash seized. thehindu.com/news/cities/Ma…

Crazy message in my soup today .. pic.twitter.com/ojTRfgDNCt

First nationwide of building heights has been released & will help to revolutionise planning buff.ly/2urZdQq pic.twitter.com/QBOfwCAVL2

This tweet was not found.

The city of has become one of the main battlegrounds of the civil war in sptnkne.ws/fj4p pic.twitter.com/WTy1J7e2PA

Colorful Stars Inside Globular Star Cluster Omega Centauri @NASA @esa @NASAHubble pic.twitter.com/SEtMEx5WEU

They Were Soldiers: 30 Dramatic War Photographs buff.ly/2vXnxtp pic.twitter.com/VAHwOxMmYW

Dnes r. 1769 se narodil mimořádný vojevůdce a státník, Napoleon I. Bonaparte. Malé postavy, velkého ega a ještě větší vůle a odvahy. pic.twitter.com/YiDD0sjf45

"Těžká doba žádá velké muže" Zejm. dnes, když si připomínáme Velkého malého muže, dítě šťastěny & francouzské revoluce. Byť s trpkým koncem.

A Giant Russian Exercise Will Soon Put 100,000 Troops on NATO’s Border. Then What? tinyurl.com/ycywl2yq pic.twitter.com/IVBrcqYSUj

Mental health status: Installing audio books on how to manage anxiety and depression onto my phone.

Einstein did more than reinvent the laws of physics – he can inspire our , too: bit.ly/2tOusoh pic.twitter.com/Vt0I60d1B1

Po titulcich, jako je tohle, uprimne, prece nemuze pokracovat. pic.twitter.com/Aodz6JHepT

Get ahead of the next global ransomware with advanced threat protection bit.ly/2fHtMuN pic.twitter.com/YIoFvghO6P

When you realize it's only Tuesday pic.twitter.com/wLcgRRFNVz

Jojo, na chudej lid má bejt přísnost! Proč pěstovat doma, když to můžem kupovat na černým trhu, žejo? forum24.cz/filip-humplik-…

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/pPeIUiyJro

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/cm9ug3Er7r

Feliz noche, happy nigth 🌹pic.twitter.com/tC4W1EC0wQQ

don't let people pull you into their storm, pull them into your peace. pic.twitter.com/rDtL2jnEW9

Key Institution Plans Deposit and Settlement Services for Digital Currencies goo.gl/o2ENvf pic.twitter.com/FKEcC9LtAb

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Claims that and Technology are the ‘Next Big Unlock’ goo.gl/vKwBVG pic.twitter.com/0a7aZquGBc

The recent T&L industry was a clear call to make to a top priority. tinyurl.com/y7fudd8p

Handbook of Neural Computation lnkd.in/dAChdSN

USA v. Hutchins: Security Researcher Pleads Not Guilty To Hacking Charges bit.ly/2i1rWGe pic.twitter.com/po0bOflhQT

Her Emails Are Worst Than Getting Nuked. pic.twitter.com/i73Snu1gu7

Stability in Leads to Greater Liquidity: Analysis goo.gl/xoAAMN pic.twitter.com/UizQA682qc

System Assurance: Beyond Detecting Vulnerabilities (The MK/OMG Press bit.ly/1RJwjwA pic.twitter.com/HXFE5o7FGO

Discover Lake Ashi, Japan 🇯�pic.twipic.twipic.twipic.twitter.com/V3kgQ9H5bsbs

peut faire ce test sans problème pic.twitter.com/uZ0RieMCvy

British malware suspect appears in Milwaukee federal court bit.ly/2hZYSPe

When it's Monday and your boss is Darth Vader pic.twitter.com/Axkg6R0AK8

Wait Doug, I think I need to sneeze!! pic.twitter.com/54DgDsODep

Děkuji, páne Bože, že nejsem moskal pic.twitter.com/Vi5yHJCwiG

Those eyes..... IRRESISTIBLE 😍😍😍😍�pic.twitter.com/HMU6IN9yXtU6IN9yXt

Cybersecurity for Everyone: Securing your home or small business net bit.ly/1K7sVWa pic.twitter.com/ls9TI9ZHNM

"В Москве установили детскую площадку в виде полицейского участка" Пора детскую зону строить. Пусть с детства привыкают к лагерям! pic.twitter.com/3FnzFljsE6

If you want your to survive, you need . If you want to thrive, you need transformation: bit.ly/2hZ5xJi pic.twitter.com/DZvxEHCkGL

The Social Engineer's Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting bit.ly/1G4dfYW pic.twitter.com/hDh0oStrr5

The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse bit.ly/2hZRPGc pic.twitter.com/q8blcogtKg

car-ram suspect stands accused of murder, 3 counts of malicious wounding & one count of hit and run sptnkne.ws/fhWU pic.twitter.com/SN26EWvpyn

What's taking up most space in your today? May it be something magnificent! pic.twitter.com/MMyFZiqvwa

I Think This Says Something About Humanity's Interests bit.ly/2hYAz47 pic.twitter.com/UeYWZLYhGn

This Mexican Amusement Park Just Opened a Cantinflas Virtual Reality Ride - Remezcla (blog) bit.ly/2hZA2Py pic.twitter.com/lW9t3n19fp

Get your work seen by expert judges, major media outlets & the dataviz community @infobeautyaward bit.ly/2uswQ1i pic.twitter.com/pB4Nr2vSBD

The Gherkin, London pic.twitter.com/aIKKC1ItT6

How Banks Can Utilize Machine Learning | bit.ly/2pg00gM pic.twitter.com/JY1L530k0X

Muchow si stěžuje, že se lidem nelíbí jeho nová verze Variace na renesanční téma. Ono, když z toho někdo udělá sračku, ať se pak nediví.

Use The AARRR Funnel Analysis to Achieve Astounding Sales Results dld.bz/fnysv pic.twitter.com/yNiQq2PDyK

8 enterprise technologies for 2020 [Infographic] via @Tiffani_Bova pic.twitter.com/BE6HrNlGCy


Explaining Rogue One pic.twitter.com/6KuoWgIvtq

Arabské barevné revoluce jsou dlouhou a krvavou poutí,na jejímž začátku byla diktatura a na koncí je opět diktatura! zahranicni.eurozpravy.cz/afrika/198096-…

Big Ben to fall silent from Monday 21 August, allowing essential conservation work to take place. Full announcement: bit.ly/2uERBGm pic.twitter.com/p7PSJmx9al

"Are u okay?" "Are you stressed?" "Have you slept at all?" Me: pic.twitter.com/jjdCPaupJ9

Me walking into this Monday like: pic.twitter.com/5kaE8O1Lqj

Australia propone sancionar a confesores que no denuncien casos de pederastia goo.gl/fs21ME pic.twitter.com/SF4RlsiDma

Could Lose 20% When Climbs To $5,000 goo.gl/x1fT3k - by @WilliamSuberg

Tohle udělá moře se skleněnými střepy. Tyhle už vás nepořežou, neublíží. Stejné je to s mořem času. A vzpomínkami. pic.twitter.com/rsUQP4M0AF

Hope To See You Again Tomorrow, Dear Friends ! Take Care & Be Happy ! pic.twitter.com/fq4tYI2hLR

Blue Team Field Manual (BTFM) (RTFM) bit.ly/2qjnLWe pic.twitter.com/z6BkrF8lOV

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: A Plain English Introductio bit.ly/2tVNd4y pic.twitter.com/Vdq2U2bugH

My followers live in 118 countries: USA(31%), India(8%)... tweepsmap.com/!STALININST Get your free map! pic.twitter.com/amtwPWalum

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/fSuqGmNNES

There's That Man. pic.twitter.com/lebYbcjMfY

Profile pic vs real life pic.twipic.twitter.com/lhxRAZJd5B

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/kcPNAX3jch

Somebody Stop Him, Please. pic.twitter.com/chh5Ppt4Qr

Шторм. Секундный кадр pic.twitter.com/IqbiAGTCDw

Посмотрите, какая ель! Очень редкий сорт - Белобок! pic.twitter.com/ph89b9u5FZ

Splinter of the Minds Eye Homage by Aaron Harvey pic.twitter.com/W5HPGUgsYM

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/ZCq8kYoMhI

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/VuDWnUo06O

A thunderhead, the moon, and Venus pic.twitter.com/2yxQmpQzPw

dneska jsem zaspal i svůj vlastní tweet na dobré ráno s veverkou 😀 tak teď ještě jednou 😀😂😂 pěknou neděli všepic.twitter.com/tHp1eG62ZiG62Zi

Be you, the world needs you.❤️ pic.twitter.com/XSL4xQUFec

Somewhere......... pic.twitter.com/1E2VVLa7l2

The world's top cyber powers bit.ly/2fBvNcd pic.twitter.com/ILTHtV7Rkj

Give Value Give Value Give Value and Then ask for business - @garyvee pic.twitter.com/YMEMUigcvl

USA, 2017. huffp.st/ecf3Iqz

Todd decimates much of the fallacy-driven agenda of the @Doc_otaLonestar amazon.com/dp/B06X42KNFC?… pic.twitter.com/K4uBbepUFL

Kousek zdi. Z Německa. Východního. Přestože byla ve vnitrozemí, postavená byla všude kolem nás. A je po ní a nikomu se nestýská. pic.twitter.com/YcXTMHGYQ1

The Aurora from space pic.twipic.twitter.com/mGjq8pejl4

Brýden Twittere! Tak co tu máme dnes? Pojďte, nebudem se dneska hádat; budeme malovat sluníčka, objímat se a pusinkovat…㋡ Tak já třeba začnu pic.twitter.com/hMJaHO5bp0

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/apAvLDh2hg

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/yIxL7uXY5c

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/cWtiFfqUZI

DNC hack and Russiagate get thoroughly debunked in this landmark article from The Nation magazine reddit.com/r/conspiracy/c…

Tutorial: Cross-Chain Swaps with Hashed TimeLock Contracts(HTLCs) goo.gl/xtRJKa pic.twitter.com/6PUA9zAATb

Šikvoňí potňikatelé s cisini to ve vedeňí ztátu dotáhli dicki daelko. pic.twitter.com/bYNwvJKquy

Na vlakové nádraží přišel kouzelník na peroně vybafl tři žvára jedné babě začaroval kundu a vzápětí zmizel jako pára...

And look away from the computer screen once in a while too, ! pic.twitter.com/rz0YUMDlP2

If she only cared about me... That would be enough to make everything, everyday for eternity pic.twitter.com/xRLjUp55IV

[TECH NEWS] Why legislation alone won't solve the insecurity of the Internet of Things: bit.ly/2wRbw5E pic.twitter.com/X0uyfwvrrd

Greatest Photobomb EVER pic.twitter.com/tCGnNsurHj

Naked and confused ... pic.twitter.com/KtUnx4XPma

THIS GENERATION pic.twitter.com/gCPI3JuD6y

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/tx92EoPei7

Dobré sobotní ráno. Pavel Kantorek via facebook 😊.pic.twitter.com/t1eKlaKA9CC

Dnes r. 30 př. o. l. odešla do náruče Anúbise Kleopatra VII., z dynastie Ptolemaiovců, královna Egypta. Milenka Caesara i Antonia. pic.twitter.com/931wTRJ6qo

🤣😂😭 Yep..pic.twitter.com/jZoMLonwOQwOQ

Vyrýt do kamene. pic.twitter.com/EAjUjn8qw3

situation mental patient sitting here everything fine but got a public forum here 4whats going on in my head dont mind me wordup

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/UYah4IaqEv

The Store Of The Future: 133 Startups. agents in brick-and-mortar pic.twitter.com/OrYXCGhNEX

Whoever keeps photoshopping Trumps face on the queen needs to stop! Dying 😂😂pic.twipic.twipic.twipic.twitter.com/xBJmDl2ABxABx

Human and rat DNA found in burgers, according to lab report fox6now.com/2016/05/11/hum…

Черно-бурые зайцы pic.twitter.com/fd2OtoxlL7

The puppets have always been selected pic.twitter.com/rbo9EHF0Ai

It was a very sad day pic.twitter.com/bBKJAwkRkD

Камчатка pic.twitter.com/LBTAB4BIJV

Institutional Investors Can No Longer Ignore : Goldman Sachs goo.gl/ZtXwSS - by @iamjosephyoung pic.twitter.com/j9TvXeQGng

А на лопатах они блинчики пекут:)) pic.twitter.com/KoT6X265PG

Hackers Use NSA Tools to Spy on Hotel Guest Wi-Fi and Steal Their Details bit.ly/2fyT3HC pic.twitter.com/sZ5ucn36XF

"Our cosmic cube is now fully in place,locked and loaded,should N Korea act unwisely. Kim Jong Un needs to find another path! Hail Hydra!" pic.twitter.com/v02Cd8DwxQ

Lessons from Parity Attack goo.gl/j6q9VF - by @olusegunisrael

Александр Лукашенко pic.twitter.com/PsUxzos8iU

What's your favorite death mix? pic.twitter.com/6Q0kXkSYA5

Drop a pre-emptive cyber on North Korea? bit.ly/2hS3FlT

Florida Gulf Coast University 📍pic.twitter.com/5DgFpXtgQkk

"Treat me as a queen&I'll treat u as a king.Treat me like a game&I'll show u how it's played." @EveIrving69 @filipina_kruege @InsurgencyNQ pic.twipic.twitter.com/ca6P2ZrWpQ

Another actor's life destroyed by drugs and alcohol pic.twipic.twitter.com/SBaTrVic1b

MY MAIN REASON FOR ? pic.twitter.com/J6OlSeRmGR

WHEN YOU'RE THE REASON ? pic.twitter.com/4P5infq8Lf

Marius van Dokkum pic.twitter.com/3ogTAayFNt

Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) Potatoes pic.twitter.com/aoA1Qa3BVY

Такая боль,когда не можешь достать до ручки оппачки... pic.twitter.com/nVFNsh3xZ8

The Lean Startup Model [Infographic] pic.twitter.com/SNowWjjbMa

Let's go Michigan. Now excuse me while I go wash my mouth out.

Chain Bridge Budapest Watercolor by artist Steve Klinkel pic.twitter.com/smQ5Twe0RX

The Lulz Boat is sailing towards ! Fire the cannons :-)

🌴🍉🌴Summer is ... Watermelon splitpic.twitter.com/R5UnhHATgSHATgS

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had. pic.twitter.com/H9VXNSNXyl

Каждый день pic.twitter.com/J5X6GB5v0r

‘No one at all can be sure the is really there except Fed employees with access’ wsj.com/articles/the-f…

Hola, Mexico! Can’t wait to perform at !! Tune in August 22 💋@MundonickLAApic.twitter.com/QIZUFuNnWll

US Soldiers pose with a captured flag pic.twitter.com/Omb3zDPd4E

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 pic.twitter.com/5kxVl4TByN

Field Expedient SDR: Introduction to Software Defined Radio (black a bit.ly/2tDTztq pic.twitter.com/NYDrxJfmr2

@HereComsTrouble Dinsdale

First Bitcoin Exchange Launching in Egypt ift.tt/2vVqNpz pic.twitter.com/z4EU8OblAw

Bitcoin's getting hard to ignore, even for Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs bit.ly/2fxIlkQ pic.twitter.com/eigRarfxxg

@TruthrbotSPIDER pic.twitter.com/YRSy2os1Yc

How do you secure your ? [in case you missed it] goo.gl/mKt8pC pic.twitter.com/b7xTYzn83I

I bet you have never seen world leaders in this condition! bit.ly/2vqS02h

"Cathulhu" for just 12hr more on qwertee.com/last-chance ReTweet for chance at FREE TEE! pic.twitter.com/esTKjE6JMd

The most talented parrot in the world😂 pic.twitter.com/IVyLHhi9pVV

The media is hoping for : pic.twitter.com/cc2vyDSVn3

Legislative Agenda. pic.twitter.com/h9nJr1BlOZ

Led Zeppelin, 1975 pic.twitter.com/w5IJ3doejX

To all my followers,love you all!! You guys are awesome😁@DopeAssDeadpooll@1978_designerr@CherryB1adee@Alexpool_166@freddamnspearss @gnorthhpic.twitter.com/HKyJK0tpn22

wait what elephant and castle??

New Star Wars spinoff pic.twitter.com/8i6JDBxdeX

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/ZYdUqMCmKY

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE pic.twitter.com/2WzXWmodlo

Fernando Famiani - Etna ... the world's most beautiful volcano pic.twitter.com/G79MnLFTP3

France Mt Saint Michel pic.twitter.com/4fDQC776KB

When are you going to stop using the word government and start using the word Corporation.USA Incorporated is the name of your fake country! pic.twipic.twipic.twipic.twitter.com/PYLijWTnXs

US ex-envoy to Russia slams 's reaction on embassy staff cuts in Russia sptnkne.ws/fgAs pic.twitter.com/anSVGlbc9a

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/fMpmzkbDZt

A cosmic silhouette pic.twitter.com/Zw329JAz9p

Lazy-ass Sith. I find his lack of activity disturbing. pic.twitter.com/JFR9THsWdT

Your "money" is clearly marked. This is how they fool you, they put it right in your face and dare you to look at it. pic.twitter.com/WQC6MOTSWx

Soon....very soon. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/jVWE8ROdEa

Žlutší a poctivější máslo v Irsku stojí v přepočtu 50Kč. Ale tu mají jiné výdělky (!) Okrádají vás a lžou vám - ta CZ cena NENÍ adekvátní. 😠

calling a psychiatric meds will deter ppl from using it much more than prohibition ever did

Smeg off Lister ... pic.twitter.com/IgTBR55KVo

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/GvhNdtRDd8

Share the axe with @DynPlatnik @realZLUTYBart @BrecaPetr,you're top engaged members this - 🚀 sent withcommun.it/grow-your-foll…1pic.twitter.com/T27LnE3u1II

@Tapr20 @1pf009 Tak nazdraví, pánové! pic.twitter.com/pbR6bAPjkh

Purr-Fection Coming to HTC Vive with Sorter VR bit.ly/2hNTK0l pic.twitter.com/zOobenTjKg

More weed, More sex, Less stress.

Xindl X - Čecháček a totáček youtu.be/ko8NsZtqw38 via @YouTube

ain't that the truth! bro pic.twitter.com/BXMqLc3a9A

Still better than Nickelback pic.twitter.com/jeaeHHTg3o

SEC and CFTC Take Opposing Views on Whether is Ready for Mainstream Investors goo.gl/NRwy7u

Всем добрый вечер, друзья! pic.twitter.com/vJd8IwaGRD

Where No Truth Has Gone Before. pic.twitter.com/lXnkmg6HpE

Automatic message from staff. pic.twitter.com/VlIlG0FdTU

New Hampshire license plates are made by prisoners in Concord. pic.twitter.com/j7HXHy5oAX

It's all about the foundation. @BradStone pic.twitter.com/1cO6hBqC36

I've Got You Babe. pic.twitter.com/0QvAo0ReJv

Full Of Tweets. pic.twitter.com/jP5ALEV385

I AM SCREAMING 😱😱😱�@HamillHimselfimself is the cov@EWof @Epic.twitter.com/rCYZN7FriiN7Frii

Small modular reactors could completely reshape the way people think about nuclear power plants cnb.cx/2vlTpXw

You Got Conned. pic.twitter.com/DEn6h06p7j

Blíží se 21. srpen Den, kdy si připomínáme ztrátu svobody. Den, kdy jsme začali poslouchat příkazy odjinud. Ano, máme 7. výročí svatby.

První český internetový vyhlazovač pic.twitter.com/VOqBUTXYRP

Nigerian central bank welcomes input from businesses and investors goo.gl/xjh1Sv pic.twitter.com/LExpuR4ZtF

Now Help Fix It. pic.twitter.com/MxF3VTCLYQ

‘Moderate’ Rebels Are Actually Backed By ISIS & Al-Qaida, Former US Ambassador Admits(2016) bit.ly/2qnq25c

Dotace jsem bral, ale neuvědomil jsem si to, přiznal Dalibor Dědek. echo24.cz/a/in9Yi/dotace… pic.twitter.com/t8T7ssdVRT

Chvíli jsem si myslel, že jsem na Moravě slavný. Než jsem zjistil, že tu nabízejí víno každému...

Japan can intercept missile headed towards — defense minister tass.com/world/959812 pic.twitter.com/c0OTVKoQL8

Keep on trying for this if you can, ! If you can't...it's home time...! pic.twitter.com/t4F3vGoEnx

Time To Clean House. pic.twitter.com/VWjpFnxwvF

Včera jsme to dělali na koníčka. Cítím potřebu to sdělit veřejnosti v nějakém průvodu.

Through the tunnel there is always light ... or not? pic.twitter.com/gcDoWkLWEb

Našla jsem si kamaráda! Tváří se úplně jako já a taky má oblečení samej flek. pic.twitter.com/sRL1mFUnNT

Better Investment Than Gold, Stocks in 2017: CNBC Advisor goo.gl/sVbj8m - by @WilliamSuberg

Waking up in the city pic.twitter.com/YMIKfj9yKn

Wookiee the Pooh pic.twitter.com/R5NoesV2mk

Všichni o globálních problémech víme, jen mnohdy netušíme, co s tím právě my můžeme udělat. MFF PŘÍBĚHY ZEMĚ 6.-12.10.2017 Praha pic.twitter.com/kj1uFaElMh

By 2019, global internet consumption aims to surpass television use. bit.ly/2uIfUT7 pic.twitter.com/Cv4v4wP2kB

Že prej když dám na twitter kozy, dost mi naskáčou sledující... Tak schválně! 🐐�pic.twitter.com/sEEOOAKntEtE

Today we are celebrating World Lion Day! The king of the jungle is truly one of our favourite big cats. pic.twitter.com/C5vxOPTQw7

Vybírání stážisty cílová rovinka Zbyl chlapec bez emocí,další,co mluví jen o své přítelkyni a OVB frajer. Rozhodne asi dovednost vařit kafe.

Profile pic vs real life pic.twipic.twitter.com/lhxRAZJd5B

England perform a Nazi salute before a game in Berlin, 1938 buff.ly/2wsK8vk pic.twitter.com/7zM7AY4pSJ

krásné dopoledne twíťani 😎pic.twitter.com/uy5bg71cI00

Озеро О'Хара / США pic.twitter.com/R3xj936gwg

Karel Kuttelwascher - získal Válečný kříž za 5 týdnů. Přezdívka Kočičí oči! Nejúspěšnější čs. stíhací pilot

When you realize there's a new Star Wars movie coming out ever year pic.twitter.com/mqIQbfHZzP

Dnes mě čeká mexická party. A já se pořád nemůžu rozhodnout, jestli půjdu zabalená do deky jako burrito nebo budu imigrant přelejzající zeď.

Co by se stalo, kdybychom najednou zjistili, že písmen je na světě omezený počet a že jsme je všechny bezstarostně vyplýtvali?

Čínský kapesní nožík. Má 16GB USB paměť, LED barevnou blikající rukojeť a GPS lokátor, pokud ho někde zapomenete. Akorát neřeže.

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The master of the flop shot. pic.twitter.com/YRPkJUoDua

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what are some of your favorite books. I love Lions of Lucerne because it introduced me to Scot Harvath. @BradThor pic.twitter.com/rUAKDvqLW3